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Inspired by the Ragnar Relay Series, The Barkley Marathons and The Amazing Race, the Kangaroobie Base Camp Ultra Relay is now a fixture on the Princetown East Running Calendar.  


An Ultra because the proposed distance per runner is 54 km, albeit not all in one outing.

A Relay because only one person from your team is out on a trail at any given time.  You will need to rest-up & wait your turn before heading back out to enjoy the spectacular views Kangaroobie has on offer.  It is a relay that's not as demanding as the Barkley Marathons, but a little bit more challenging than the tried and trusted 4x100 we all ran at school!


6, 9, 12, R.  The relay legs alternate between 3 unique trails of varying distances.  One is shorter, one is longer, the other in-between.  We have nothing against decimals or fractions but the distances have been rounded down to a whole number, just because it looks better on the logo.  So, the overall distance may be a little bit longer than advertised. You will take it in turns to run each distance (6, 9 , 12) before hitting the (R)epeat button to do it all again!  

Finally, it wouldn't be a Princetown Institute of Sport event without a little bit of quirkiness.  Before each outing you will be tasked to either collect an item, find a password, or take a selfie while out & about. 


Teams of up to 12 people can enter.  While every person gets a finishers medal and bragging rights, only teams of 4 who complete the relay in the set format are eligible for prizes.

Want a bigger team?  This can be done by entering two (2) teams to get each person registered (eg. "Our Team Name - A" & "Our Team Name - B").  Then divvy the cost per person across the two teams.  We will merge the two entries on race day.

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