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$1,000 per team


The cost per person depends on the size of your team and, of course, the Team Captain's ability to divide whole numbers.


The size of your team depends on how far and/or how often each member of your team wants to run in a 33   hour period.




NB:  It's a TEAM ENTRY process


Only one person per team needs to access the online entry portal.


Ideally this is the person who is happy to take on the role of Team Captain.


The "Team Captain" will be responsible for:

(a)  Paying the entry fee including the cost of any add-ons and;

(b)  Chasing up money from teammates.

Entry Info - Cost


  • Good times had by all!

  • Accommodation - 12 Bed Bunk Room or On-site Camping

  • Access to a commercial kitchen and communal BBQ area for all your self catering needs.

  • Bling!  In the form of a finishers medal.

  • An Event T-Shirt*

4 for free, more for $30 each.

* "included with entry" is limited to 4 per team (i.e. the standard entry team size). 

Additional tee shirts can be ordered as add-ons during the entry process.

A compact & lightweight first aid-kit that will include all mandatory first-aid items for our event.

One kit will be issued per team and it can be passed like a baton.

Afterwards, the Team Captain can keep it as a reward for all the Team Captainey stuff that a Team Captain does.

T-Shirt - Kangaroobie BaseCamp Ultra with size chart.png
Trail Survivor Ultra Kit.png

The crew at Trail Survivor have offered a 20% discount to those who visit our site.

Just use this discount code:


Click their logo to see the goodies they have on offer.....

  • Use of a SPOT Gen4 Satellite Messenger / Tracker. 

Help at the push of a button, regardless of mobile phone coverage and your progress is monitored for the duration of the event.

SPOT Screenshot.png
Entry Info - Inclusions
Trail Srvivor Ultra Kit

Age Limit

The default age for a participant in our event is 18.

(on the date of the event)


If any person on you team is under 18 please contact us before trying to enter because the current set-up will bombard you with "error" messages.  


Flexibility regrading the age limit will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Entry Info - Age Limit

"Are you ready to enter?"
Check List

Before starting your online entry on the Register Now platform
please make sure you have the following:

  • A unanimous consensus that you are, for all intents & purposes, the  'Team Captain', and that you will be the one & only person on your team to follow the entry process.

  • Team Members - Minimum of four, who have no other plans for Mother's Day weekend (13 & 12 May 2023).

  • For each team member:

    • DOB

    • Phone number

    • T-Shirt Size

  • A fair idea as to what type of accommodation you are after.  ( more info below )

  • A clear idea of how many T-shirts you want to order.  ( more info below )

Entry Info - Check List


T-shirts must be added to the Cart before you can claim them as inclusions.

To claim the 4 freebies you must enter the Promo Code* at checkout.  

*Promo Code = 4TEES4ME.  You will be reminded of this during the entry process.

T-Shirt - Kangaroobie BaseCamp Ultra with size chart.png

The list price is $30 per tee, but it will cost less (per person) if they are ordered as extras for larger teams. 

E.g. Team of eight.  Add 8 tees to the cart ($30 x 8 = $240); claim the discount (-$120); divide the total order by the number of people (8). The cost per tee, per person will be $15.00


There is no limit on the number of T-Shirts you can order. 


To guarantee the quantity and size(s) you want you must place your order by 01/04.  If you have family & friends who are interested in merchandise give some thought to buying them as part of the entry process. 


Tees will be available for sale at the event however, stock & sizes will be limited.

Tee Shirt Info



Bunk rooms have 12 beds.

There are a limited number of bunk rooms available, so if your team wants one, get in early.


If you need more beds, book one room for now then get in touch with us to discuss options.

On-site camping has no limit (within reason).

Accommodation sign.png
Accommodation Info

One More Thing.......

Nothing is set in concrete


Life is dynamic.  Life is fluid.


So is our registration process.


Team sizes, team type and team members can be altered/updated at a later stage.


If circumstances change and your team can no longer attend: your entry fee will be refunded, except the cost of any extras, which will be sent in the mail.

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