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Born of over a decade of making the Kangaroobie Klassican annual phenomenon, the Princetown Institute of Sport had a new-found (and possibly over-inflated) confidence in their responsibility as role-models to reluctant starters in the world of podium-challenged athletes.

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So it would pass that a new declaration was heralded across the lands:

"Let it be known that the Athletic Proletariat are no longer shackled by an arbitrary number of opportunities to unite and celebrate ordinary performances in this extraordinary location!" 

And, with this decree, the Institute had the blessing to add a new event to the Princetown East racing calendar.

A new celebration of mediocrity.

A new platform to promote the oxymoron that is Fitness & Fun.

An event that is both less and more than the Kangaroobie Klassic.

Less water.  More elevation.

Less disciplines.  More distance.  

Less equipment.  More transitions.

Less Fun or More Fun? 

Well, that's up to you!

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