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We, the Princetown Institute of Sport,  are just a group of friends passionate about providing affordable, accessible & fun options for people to get involved in the world of competitive outdoor sport.

What we do is not-for-profit and, if you are looking for a local event to sponsor, we would love to hear from you.

Not the Kangaroobie
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We acknowledge the people of the Eastern Maar nation as the Traditional Owners & Custodians of the Country on which we participate every year. 

We pay our respect to their ancestors and to all First Nations Elders, past, present and emerging.

We extend this respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, recognising that their language and knowledge continue to enrich the lives of those who choose to listen and take the time to learn from ​cultural traditions that date back tens of thousands of years.

We recognise their continuing connection to Country in this beautiful place that so many people take for granted in a fleeting visit.  We are grateful for the care taken by the ancestral custodians who have been protecting the land, waters & ecosystems of this glorious coastline, by living in harmony with Country, since time immemorial.   

In the spirit of reconciliation and truth-telling it is important to acknowledge that the Australia we know today came at a great cost to the First Nations people and that there is still much healing to be done.  Colonial history has seen devastating land dispossession, stolen generations, massacres, violence, and racism targeted at the indigenous population of this great country. 


It is important for these truths to be understood and accepted in order to prompt conversations about how we can be part of the healing process and to avoid repeating the wrongs of the past today.

It is also necessary to speak these truths to honour the legacy of the First Nations Ancestors and Elders whose acts of altruism & sacrifice have paved the path we are on today. 

​We seek to move forward, together, with a greater knowledge of our shared history.  By doing so, we are hopeful for a society in which we all live in harmony, while experiencing a sustainable and spiritual connection with Country.

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